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Established in 2014, as part of its core business mandate deals in Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and medical equipment installation and servicing. We harness the power of innovative science and diversified talents to deliver transformative healthcare solutions, striving to illuminate a brighter, healthier future for Ghana and Africa.


To improve patients’ quality of life by providing customers with innovative science and differentiated healthcare solutions delivered by diverse and engaged talents with integrity, passion and focus on performance


To be the most indispensable healthcare solutions company in Africa, respecting our obligation to our patients, customers, shareholders and employees

our core values

The company as part of its core business mandate deals in Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and medical equipment installation and servicing. Our core values have shaped our corporate culture since its establishment.


We believe in maintaining the highest ethical standards, upholding honesty, and transparency in all our dealings. Whether it's in our partnerships, or our commitment to our customers, integrity pervades every facet of our work, driving us to provide the best healthcare solutions possible.


Respect underscores our every interaction at Samospharma. We treat everyone - from our employees to our partners and our customers - with the utmost regard and dignity. By acknowledging and appreciating the diverse perspectives within our organization and our clientele, we build stronger relationships.


Excellence is not just a goal at Samospharma - it's a standard that we live by. From our meticulous procurement process to our unwavering customer service, we strive to surpass the ordinary and redefine the standards of quality in the pharmaceutical industry.


We are firm believers in the power of collective intellect, fostering an environment where every voice is heard, every idea valued. This synergy between our diverse talents allows us to create innovative and effective solutions, thereby enhancing the quality of life for our customers.


leadership is not confined to management roles - it permeates every level of our organization. We foster an environment that encourages initiative, innovation, and responsible decision-making, empowering each member of our team to be a leader in their own capacity.

Established in the year 2014 and registered as a limited liability company licensed to do business in Ghana-West Africa.

The genesis of Samospharma was marked in the year 2014, as it was established and registered as a limited liability company in Ghana, West Africa. This marked a pivotal moment in the country's healthcare landscape, as SP Pharma embarked on a mission to improve patients' quality of life with innovative science and differentiated healthcare solutions.

The company started trading actively wholesalers, Importers and Distributors of finished pharmaceutical products.

By 2017, Samospharma had laid a robust foundation and started to carve its unique position in the market. This year saw the company actively engaging in trade as wholesalers, importers, and distributors of finished pharmaceutical products. This was a significant stride towards expanding our services and bolstering the accessibility and availability of high-quality pharmaceutical products in the region.

Launched DRUGNET as a mobile application tool to bring convenience in the retail distribution of pharmaceutical products.

In a groundbreaking move to bring convenience to our retail distribution, we launched DRUGNET in 2021. This innovative mobile application tool was a game-changer, significantly simplifying the process of retail pharmaceutical distribution. The introduction of DRUGNET was a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology to better serve our customers and streamline our operations.

Registered DRUGNET as a subsidiary company of Samospharma Limited.

Recognizing the enormous potential and success of DRUGNET, a strategic decision was made in 2022 to register DRUGNET as a subsidiary company of Samospharma Limited. This development solidified DRUGNET's role within the Samospharma family and highlighted our continuous commitment to innovate and adapt in an ever-evolving industry for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

From inception we have charted a meteoric rise, pioneering novel solutions and reshaping Ghana's pharmaceutical landscape.

our leadership team

At DrugNet, our success is driven by the vision and expertise of our co-founders and managing directors. Get to know the passionate minds behind the scenes, leading us towards a brighter future in healthcare.

Eugene boakye

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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Samuel Otuo-Serebour

Co-Founder & COO
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Appiah-kubi kwarteng

Co-Founder & Director
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Finance & General Manager
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We provide health support to various health institutions all over the country. Samospharma serves high quality and affordable medications across all the 16 regions of Ghana.

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